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Old vs. New

You might be thinking about replacing your OLD from a 2 or 3 gallon per flush to the NEW 1.6 gallon per flush.

If you do, you WILL BE SORRY you made that decision, especially if you have an older house with cast iron or galvanized piping. I have even seen people have problems when their house is fairly new and has ABS (black plastic) piping.

You might be doing that to save money, since the utilities are installing water meters everywhere. You may not save money if you have to pay for costly trips by a plumber to clear clogs in the toilet and sewer line.

If your existing toilet is not working properly, it is much cheaper to correct the problems. The toilet's internal components can be replaced. It will work better than it did and maybe even better than the new low flush models.

Do you have a guest room? If so, you might be able to save money by renting it out to the plumber. After all, you will get to know the plumber on a first name basis and save time since they are already close by to the job.

I can save your guest room for real guests. Call today for help.


Now we all have had problems with the gate into the backyard. You kick open or closed, you might even have to lift up on it to get it open. If it does latch, then you can not get to unlatch.

Maybe your gardener caused the problem or maybe it was you. That doesn't matter, what does matter is it's still a pain to use the gate.

Let me help with a new gate with a steel right angle brackets, and maybe strengthen the post or where it mounts to the house / garage. Won't it be nice to simply pull the latch and have the gate swing open freely? No kicking & no lifting.

I can make that happen, call today to schedule the work.